Chelsea Jancewicz, MOT, ORT/L

Where are you from? Cleveland, OH
What did you study?Bachelors of Health Science with Psychology Minor from Cleveland State University & Masters of Occupational Therapy from Cleveland State University.
Name the moment that inspired you to take your career path.Teaching gymnastics to kids with special needs helped me realize how meaningful organizing your sensory system through movement, touch, sounds, and sights can be to a person (AKA sensory integration).
What do you specialize in? Sensory integration, reflex integration, DIR/Floortime, certiffied Early Intervention clinician, behavioral modifciations
Coffee or Tea?Coffee
Favorite therapeutic swing?Cuddle swing & glider swing
What you do consider your greatest accomplishment? Completing grad school and getting my Reiki level II certification to encourage a more holistic healing to all! Also, overcoming my fear of heights when I was tricked into bungee jumping.
Books or Movies?Books, but I love going to the movie theater.
Where would you go on your dream vacation?Train trip across the country.
What is your favorite children’s book? Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You see?
What skill are you most proud of? My patience.
Winter or Summer?Summer (but fall is the best!).
Occupational Therapist