Blue Bird Day Therapeutic Extended Day

Blue Bird Day Kindergarten Chicago

Extended Day Services: 8:00am-5:00pm

Blue Bird Day offers Extended Day services before and/or after the scheduled therapeutic preschool program. Extended Day services are offered between 8:00am – 5:00pm. Therapy services are limited to a maximum of 8 hours per day. Based on therapist recommendations, additional therapy sessions can occur in an individual or peer-oriented environment. Extended Day services are offered to provide the best possible therapeutic outcomes with a schedule that works with your child and your family’s needs.

Extended Day Services Offered

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

ABA Therapy

Developmental Therapy

Sample Extended Day Schedule
8:00amSpeech TherapyOccupational TherapySpeech TherapyOccupational Therapy
8:30amTherapeutic Preschool ProgramTherapeutic Preschool ProgramTherapeutic Preschool ProgramTherapeutic Preschool Program
12:30pmSnack and Rest TimeABA TherapySnack and Rest Time ABA Therapy
1:30pmEnd of DayEnd of Day
3:00pmPhysical TherapyPhysical Therapy
4:00pmEnd of DayEnd of Day

Extended Day Details

Therapists work with families to customize a schedule that works best to address each child’s needs. According to Illinois DHS standards, all children under 6 years of age who receive therapeutic services for 5 or more hours shall have the opportunity to rest.  Blue Bird Day offers a therapeutic rest for our clients who qualify for Extended Day services which is provided at an additional cost.   Extended Day services may require additional documentation, policies, and fees.